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Manado manado ~ Beautiful city with georgeous ocean ❤

Desember. 2011
Haah such a long time since I haven't had a trip with my family ~
Manado was my destination last year, and I enjoyed it :3

Day 1 - Checked in at the Hotel
We had a rest in a-great-modern-and-wow (?) -_- hotel. The hotel had a big room, the food in the restaurant wasn't so boring like others, and it had a great scenery near the swimming pool :3
wanna see ? Here
Cool , wasn't it ? 

Day 2 - Went to Bukit Doa (my favorite one)
Bukit Doa was one of freshing-place I visited in manado.
Bukit doa was veryy huge and large. The flowers were very pretty and the fresh-green-grass made you freely take pictures wherever you wanted. As I said, the air was very fresh. The tourist there were not allowed to drive cars or rode motorbike. They just allowed to walk on foot, Rode bicycle was okay though.
I took many pictures there,but sadly, half of my pictures were gone, I dunno why -_-
Soo I posted some pictures that I had.
                                                          Near the lake, had some hot tea <3
                                            Woaaa look, my brother was enjoyed it too o_o
                                Large area with fresh-green-grass and pretty yellow flowers :3
                                                Who was took this picture -_- totally forgot

Day 3 - Bunaken! Swim swim swim
Blue bright ocean , small pretty fishes, colorful corals, where could you find them in indonesia ? Of course in bunaken, manado !
Snorkling there was a joy  <3 Even the pictures of myself weren't to good -_-
Let's see
                                                                 Nemo o_O
                                                            Giving biscuits to small fishes<3

                                                            With my brother ~
                                                    Hello there -_- I'm touching coral (?)
                                                   Beautiful scenery that I always wanted to see

Last Day - Goodbye Manado!

Well , sadly I just had 4 days in manado. Gotta go home ~
bye manadoo ;_; nice place i had visit

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